Cat Claw Cutting- Is There a Good Way to Keep Your Cat's Nails Trimmed?

Cat Claw Cutting- Is There a Good Way to Keep Your Cat's Nails Trimmed?

 Cat Claw Cutting- Is There a Good Way to Keep Your Cat's Nails Trimmed?

pussycats keep their nails in shape by removing the worn external coverings, called pods, and exposing the new claw below. He does this by either biting the pods out, or leaving them in whatever he scratches.

Holding your cat's claws is good for two reasons. First, doing so reduces destructiveness by removing some, but not all, of his urge to dig. claws into objects you don't want him to. Second, it makes effects a little bit more comfortable for humans when your cat crawls up on your belly and starts to" knead" his paws with sharp claws.

With nail trimmers, you have at least two choices. There's the guillotine trimmer, which have a little round companion where you slip the cat's nail into, also a blade that extends into that companion cuts the nail when you squeeze the trimmer. Another is a scissor- type, where the nail goes between two small, crescent- shaped slice blades. Either kind works impeccably well, so use the bone you( and your cat) feel most comfortable using. Another option is to use mortal fingernail clippers, which work just as well, and which some people prefer to use.

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Don't be put off by any of the packaging on clippers that suggests that either kind of clipper is for use on tykes , because they will work just OK on pussycats. Some scissor clippers are made just for pussycats, but they may be a little too small to use fluently for your cat. In that case, you may prefer the regular" canine" clippers.

Be sure and keep commodity on hand to stop the bleeding should you nick the tone in on of your cat's nails. utmost pet stores vend a product called Kwik- Stop Powder, which stops the bleeding.