The Best Way to Introduce Two Cats in the Same Household

The Best Way to Introduce Two Cats in the Same Household

 The Stylish Way to Introduce Two pussycats in the Same Household

If you have a pet cat at home also you're bound to simply fall in love with another cat or alley cat because of the love and affection which you get from them. You would always want to have further pussycats at home to play and spend time with, but utmost cat possessors get into a dilemma and get worried thinking as to how to introduce a new cat or alley cat to another cat which is staying with them for long and is just treated like a family member.

pussycats are one of the social creatures who like to meet new people and love to have new musketeers. But exceptions are always there, as some pussycats tend to get violent or stressed about the coming of a new cat in the same house. So its responsibility of the cat possessors to arrange a proper preface of the precious pussycats at home to be sure that they don't harm each other or end up in trouble.

The simplest way is that when you borrow a new alley cat or cat and brings it home, try to leave her alone and let her acclimatize herself to the new surroundings. The new alley cat or cat is new to the place so let her get used to it and in the mean time you can try to make your trust in her.

You can place the new alley cat or cat in a secure area like an isolated room where nothing can disturb her. A secure room should have many of the introductory particulars like water coliseum, waste box, a mask to sleep and a caching place.

You can change the sleeping mask of the new cat with the old cat every night, this way both of them would get used to each other's body scent. To make both pussycats comfortable to each other you can feed them together by putting food in each side of a door. They would swish or play and indeed wail at each other which are normal actions.

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When there get to know about the actuality of another cat in the same house introduced both of them face to face. To make both pussycats smell the same you can indeed try to put in some baby greasepaint in both of their fur particularly under the chin which would help them get comfortable to each other better.

You should also be prepared for a cat fights when both pussycats meet face to face. Put a mask or a water pail to break a cat fight. You need to be redundant attentive and see the geste of your old cat towards the new bone . Some pussycats get along hastily while others may take several months to be comfortable with others. In the rarest of cases the old cat noway feels comfortable with the actuality of another cat at home. But I know two pussycats at home are always better than one, as creatures also need company to play around and have fun with.