My advice for caring for a new dog

My advice for caring for a new dog

 My advice for caring for a new dog

So you are bringing home that cute little puppy dog from the stylish breeder after doing all that exploration, or you set up the most lovable  mutt at the Pound, where you would look, I swear. And now you realize that you were not as prepared as you allowed . perhaps you are planning in advance for the new pack of joy. Either way, we'll give you some precious tips we have learned over the times of bringing home little packets of terror- I mean joy

Learn as important as possible about restroom training, and anticipate none of it to count, especially when you step in their deposits at 3a.m. in the pitch black- it WILL be!

Buy the lowest bag of puppy dog chow you can find. Your canine will detest the first one, and the alternate bone and the third bone . Buying small will help you overcome the horror of the plutocrat you've just spent on the 7th brand of canine food in 2 weeks.

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Strip naked or at the veritably least to a swimsuit before bathing your canine. You WILL BE WET. No way to avoid it, indeed in a 2 bottom deep sunken bathtub. particular experience talking then.

Prepare yourself for the fact that the toy you allowed was SO COOL in the store, will be scented and instantly ignored until the end of time. Your canine will only like the toys that will drive you the most crazy. One of the pets in our house NOT bought by us is a big skunk with a plastic bottle outside. Inside said plastic bottle is a marble. Aaaaaargh.' Nuff said.

That gorgeous canine bed you bought? You know, the bone that bring nearly as important as the new king size bed you got to accommodate the new canine? Yeah, the canine will infrequently, if ever use it. Preferred canine beds in this house? lounges, robes dragged to the bottom, pile of clothes, carpets and of course, our bed, rather leaving as little room as possible for the humans by stretching as wide as possible.

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Training? What is that? Mine sometimes come when called, and generally sit when told, but that is about it. I have given up. Did you know that a canine can be missed out of training academy? Neither did I until it happed. to ME!

Fill in the blank my favorite, will be masticated to death. Anticipate it. Embrace it. You'll live it.